The address book displays your contacts and any mailing lists that you have created. If you configure a Contacts per page limit, the buttons 'Next', 'Previous', 'First', and 'Last' will be displayed as appropriate to help you when browsing the listing.

  • To display a contact or contact list, click on the name.
  • To delete a contact, click on the Trash icon.
  • To create a new contact, click on the 'New Contact' button.
  • To create a new mailing list, click on the 'New List' button.
  • To import contacts from other devices or programs, click on the 'Import' button.
  • To export contacts to other devices or programs, click on the 'Export' button.
  • To search your contacts, click on the 'Find' button.
  • To change the way your address book is displayed, click on the 'Organize' button.
  • To index your contacts by letter, click any letter on the index bar. This will display any contacts whose last name begins with that letter.
  • To address a message to people and lists, select them using the 'To', 'Cc' and 'Bcc' buttons, then click 'Compose'.

Address Book » New Contact

The New Contact screen allows you to enter information about this contact. This information is separated into 5 categories which are 'General', 'Business Information', 'Personal Information', 'Details', and 'Categories'. A single photo can be uploaded to be associated with this contact. The New Contact screen is the same screen as when editing an existing contact except that all fields are blank.

Address Book » New List

The New List screen allows you to enter multiple email addresses to create a distribution list. You may select from existing contacts or directly enter additional email addresses. You may also enter notes about this list and assign it to categories.

Address Book » Import Contacts

The Import Contacts screen allows you import address books from a variety of sources including LDIF, Palmpilot, Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Outlook XP, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora 5.x, and custom formats.

Address Book » Export Contacts

The Export Contacts screen allows you export address books for a variety of formats and platforms. The resulting screen can be copied and pasted into the appropriate destination document. Platforms supported include Windows, Unix, and MacOS.

Address Book » Organize

The Organize screen allows you to display your address book in the manner that best suits your needs. You can not only sort your address book by your categories but you can also use a wide variety of layout styles.

Address Book » Find

The Find screen allows you to search your contact listings for certain words. You may optionally specify that these words occur only in certain places in order to narrow down the list of results.