The file storage screen displays all the files that you have uploaded to your allocated file storage space. The amount of space that you are allocated is determined by the system administrator and is displayed in the file storage screen. If you configure a Files per page limit, the buttons 'Next', 'Previous', 'First', and 'Last' will be displayed as appropriate to help you when browsing the listing. The maximum file size for an individual file is 20MB.

  • To download a file, click on the name.
  • To delete a file, select the checkbox next to the file name and click the 'Delete' button.
  • To rename, edit, or forward a file, select the checkbox next to the file name and click 'Edit'.
  • To upload a new file, click 'Upload'.
  • To find files, click 'Find'.
  • To change the way your files are sorted, click the title of a column.

File Storage » Upload

This screen allows you to select and upload a file to your file storage area.

  • To upload a file, click the 'Browse...' button and browse to the file on your computer, enter a description (optional), and click 'Upload'. The file that you wish to upload must reside on your computer.
  • You may also select a folder where you would like the file to be uploaded stored.

File Storage » Edit

This screen allows you to edit the information and location of the file stored in your file storage space.

  • To change the location of a file, select the new folder from the location popdown menu and click 'Save'.
  • To forward a file, click 'Forward'. You will be taken to the compose screen where you can enter the recipient information and a message.
  • To delete a file, click 'Delete'.
  • If you would like this file to be available to your guests, select 'Public'.

File Storage » Find

This screen allows you to search your files based on different criteria. You may use a simple search looking for file names that contain a particular word or a more advanced search with multiple criteria.

  • To search your files, enter words to search for and/or file locations and click 'Find'.

File Storage » New Folder

This screen allows you to create new folders for organizing your file storage.

  • To create a new folder, click 'New Folder' and enter a name, description (optional), and a location for the new folder.